EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR with Humayun Miah & Shaqir Hussyin
Learn How We Are Profitably Promoting High Ticket Programs Like MOBE, Our Own Info Products, Coaching & Consulting Programs As Well As Affiliate Programs...Using Facebook Ads
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Humayun Miah

Wealth Academy's FB Ads Genius

Shaqir Hussyin

Founder of Wealth Academy
What You Will Learn On This Exclusive Webinar:
  • The MAGIC METRIC that guarantees your PROFITABILITY (I don’t care what offers you are promoting or what are their price points - if you truly understand this magic metric and get it right, you will make profits….100% guaranteed)
  • Why you should NOT follow the advice of social media gurus and their profit killing metrics (if you focus on these metrics, you can KISS your sales goodbye - we have heavily tested this out and we can confirm that if you want to make sales, your campaigns must focus on one thing only - you will learn what’s that in the webinar)
  • The 5 QUESTIONS that you need to ask yourself which will help you IDENTIFY & TARGET your perfect prospects who are likely to buy your products and services
  • How to make your ads STAND OUT in the NOISY Facebook newsfeed so that you can grab the attention of your prospects and get them to visit your website, sign up to your list and buy your products?
  • How to write ads that will provide value, build trust and get your prospects EAGERLY CLICKING them to learn more about your products and services?
  • A PROVEN landing page template that is guaranteed to convert at least 20-30% of your website visitors into leads
  • How to get more conversions from mobile traffic (it’s a super simple trick that will help you generate more leads from people visiting your site from their mobiles)
  • The 4 STAGES of thought process that you need to take your prospects through to get them to whip out their credit cards and become your customers
  • The 3 TYPES of sales funnels that are CONVERTING very well for us (the type of sales funnel that you must use depends on the product you are promoting - we will walk you through the different funnels that we are using for promoting different types of products)
  • The MULTIPLE TOUCH POINTS that you need to incorporate to provide massive value to your prospects and maximize your sales
  •  The ONE TYPE OF CAMPAIGN that takes 5-10 minutes to execute will help you get convert MORE website visitors into leads, get MORE leads to CONSUME your marketing messages and become your customers, get MORE customers to invest in your high ticket offers.
  • How to SCALE your profitable campaigns so that you can go from generating 15 leads per day to 100+ leads per day to even generating 1000+ leads per day...all while generating MASSIVE ROI
  • + other Top Secret Stuff.
WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.
This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!
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